Conversations About Art

Paul Becker
Jun 22, 2021


by Heidi Zuckerman

“Super interesting episode, really interesting business model”
says Heidi Zuckerman 🙏🏼

Conversations About Art. Episode 37. Paul Becker

Much as I hate listening to myself, I really enjoyed this conversation.
Also pictured are some of the works we discussed (from my personal collection).

Paul Yore @paul.yore
Troy Emery @troyemery

Conversations about Art follows threads such as: Art and Uncertainty, Art and Happiness, and Art and Spirituality, in conversations between Heidi Zuckerman, a globally recognized contemporary art museum director, author, and speaker, and artists, curators, collectors, athletes, actors, musicians, politicians and CEOs. An inspiring storyteller and trusted conversation partner, Zuckerman connects people to art, artists, and ideas to make their lives better!



Paul Becker

Art entrepreneur, passionate about culture change, making art more accessible & building a sustainable creative economy. Australian Founder & CEO of Art Money.