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link to webinar video here
  • Hi everyone, and welcome to our home! If you’ve been here with us over the last couple months, welcome back! Thank you all for joining us this evening for Art at The End of The Tunnel! We’re James Miille and Alex Mitow, co-founders of Superfine! Art Fair, the most widespread artist-forward art fair in the country. The title of today’s class is “How Financing Your Art Can Empower Your Collectors And Help You Make More Sales.” You’re really in for a treat because we’re here today with FinTech Meets Art impresario Paul Becker, founder of Art Money. Paul’s joining us today from Sydney, Australia. I just want to take a second to note that although things are definitely a little crazy right now, it’s also giving us all the opportunity to connect across such vast distances and I for one am pretty thankful for that. Thanks for joining us, Paul!
  • Just to give you all a little background on what we’re doing here, this is our weekly, totally free, marketing class for artists and arts professionals. Each week we bring on special guests to explore topics related to marketing for artists. The goal here is for you to walk away with real, actionable ideas that help you make more sales and thrive not only now during these complicated times but in the future.
  • Without further ado I’d like to once again introduce you to our special guest, Paul Becker! As I mentioned Paul is the founder and CEO of Art Money, an incredible FinTech company that empowers art buyers, art businesses, and artists by making it easier to buy art. For those of you who don’t know, FinTech is a marriage of finance and technology, and what Paul and his team do is marry those two together with art.
  1. Paul, a lot of our listeners might not be entirely familiar with FinTech and how finance can help sell art. Can you give them a brief breakdown of Art Money and how it actually empowers collectors to make art purchases (thus creating revenue for artists and galleries)?
  • I just wanted to add that Art Money is a really amazing tool and we’ve used it ourselves to buy numerous pieces of art. Now as Paul mentioned, it’s typically a tool available to galleries at this point. However, if you’re an artist in one of our New York fairs that have been postponed to 2021, you’ve got the opportunity to use Art Money as a way to create sales via our E-Fair! Not only are we making it very apparent in our marketing that Art Money is a great way to buy art, we’re providing a little extra boost through our PR about the partnership between Superfine! and Art Money that will highlight some of the artists using it. We’re really excited for that and if you’re one of the artists using it, you should be too!



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Paul Becker

Paul Becker

Art entrepreneur, passionate about culture change, making art more accessible & building a sustainable creative economy. Australian Founder & CEO of Art Money.